Grade 4




I like home because it’s where I feel safe all the time! I had nice memories with my old house, but I feel the same here! Sometimes, I feel like asking my mom if we can move back to Yorkton but I’ll still miss the friends I made here but the same there, but all I know is this is my home, if my step dad lives here so do I!

Sometimes, I hear cracks or footsteps or the door at night. But then I realize it could be my mom or my stepdad or maybe my brother sometimes he goes out for Tim Hortons. I feel really safe at home! I love (x1000) my house! But, I still miss my old house. My old house is sold to some family but it’s okay! That house made me happy and now it’s their house so it will make them happy. I’d rather stay in the house I’m in right now, will for now.

Home means happy, comfortable, love, family, protection, safe, peaceful and playful! The outside would have a lot of trees in front of my home and snow! Also, squirrels, or when it’s fall…it’s really, really beautiful. My home is an apartment, so it has a balcony! I live upstairs and it’s the best home on earth! My mom and I moved here to live with my stepdad because he worked 7hours away and if we were still in Yorkton he would have been longer!!!My home is in my house and it’s in Winnipeg. It is big, but it could be small, wherever you go, it’s where you belong. The sun is bright because we shine.

Your home could be small but it’s where you belong. Your home is our home. Our home is full of brightness. Don’t be scared, your home will be full of protection so it will protect you.

It is COVID-19, but you have a home, could be metal or brick, so nothing will get through. My home is orange brick and I have a really, really HUGE ROOM! Some of my family come and gather, like my step dad/Chan came Home finally!
My home is your Home!

By: Alyra