Grade 5

Port Elgin
New Brunswick


Having a home is very special to me. I live in a happy home with an awesome family that I love a lot. My parents and siblings are very nice, kind, loving and are always there for me when I have bad days but some people do not have a home that is safe, comfortable or where you can really be yourself.

Some people live in shacks, some people live in cabins, some live in houses and some in apartments. Sometimes people live in bad homes where nobody loves them. Whenever I think of people who have bad or scary homes it makes me feel terrible inside because I wish I could help them have a better home so they don’t have to have sadness in their lives.

A home is special to me because I lost mine. I thought it would be my home forever. I thought I would make memories with family, friends and relatives there forever. I did not know what it would be like without the one I had grown up in, without the people I had grown up with, away from the beautiful mountains I had known forever. I never thought it could just disappear from my life. Losing my home and having a new one was hard. Our new house did not feel like home to me. It was far from family and friends. It was empty and cold. I had no memories here. Slowly, it grew more comfortable. Laughter and smiles filled the emptiness. I started making it my own.

It does not matter what a house looks like on the outside. It does not even matter what it looks like on the inside. I realized from our move across the country that home is where the heart is. It is wherever we decide to be happy.I believe that a home should be a place where you are surrounded by people you love, where you can be comfortable being yourself, have fun, be goofy and learn. But a home is not just the house that you live your life in. It is a place where you build your memories, alone and with family, through good times and bad, with friends and pets, where you can love, laugh and spend time with each other.