Grade 5

Port Elgin
New Brunswick


Home its the place where I grew up the place that I know best.

Home the place where I wake up I look out my window and the sun is coming up.

I Home, where after school I go for a ride, the place where my horses are.

Home, to me its not just a house its the place where when I go to bed all I can , here are my horses Neighing and hockey on the TV.

Home, the place where I can go and be myself, be who I want to be.

Home, the place that all my friends know, the place we’re we do things even if we’re not allowed.

Home, the reason why I get homesick.

Home, the only place that I feel safe.

Home, the place where I have had all my birthday party’s and the place I will for the years coming on.

Home, is the place that I will love forever and on.