Grade 5

Duncan BC
British Columbia


What is a home?🤔

A place where I took my first step and said my first word,🤗

A place where I use my imagination and turn it into a whole new world!🪐🌍✨

This is where I was confident to do thingsI am not comfortable with or not used to.😬

An environment where I took things to a whole other level! 👾

A safe place where I made baked goods or pastries for baking competitions.🥖🥮🍥

A room where I designed my imagination into one place where I called it my bedroom.✨🛏🪴

Where I live in a family with a roof over my head.

Creations made from boxes to make a robot 🤖 costume or The Box Princess 👑🤩 for Halloween

A silly room called a closet where I dressed my parents and had tea time with them .🫖 🍵

Emotions spread around to show people on how I’m feeling 😄😋🤨🤩🥺😤😖😳😒🥱🤤😎

A surrounding of people on my birthday to celebrate my party with me! 🥳 🎊 🎂

That’s a home!