Grade 5



After a long day of school there no place like home. i love being at home because i feel loved,cozy,warm and comfortable.my favorite place is my room because i can play video games and my big bed with all my comfy covers is in my room so i can sleep when i’m in my room and all my awesome stuff, like my signed baseballs, my hockey pucks and clothes are in my room.
My other favourite place at home is in my backyard. I lay in my hammock under my favourite tree because it’s relaxing and i go on my trampoline and bounce.
And play basketball at my basketball net. Another thing that makes home so great is the people i live with. i love my mom because she is nice she loves me she cares about me. some things i do with my mom at home are play cards, watch movies, play sports and go on walks around my home. My favorite memories are when i was 4 i put on my sisters dress up shoes on and walked down stars and fell and hit my head on the stairs and got a scar on my head, although it hurt and got stiches it is a funny memory. and when i always beat my sister in basketball and when my friends come over and have BBQ and when i play hide and go seek with my friends.