Grade 4



Home. Home can mean a lot of things but there different for everyone. For instance, to me home is family when me and my mom are reading a book or watching a movie together. But, for my sister, home might be sports, family and friends. When you think about it, it’s not that different because everyone loves their home no matter where it is. If you live in a tree, a park, a beach, a desert, the city because it will always be your favorite place on earth.
To me, home is where I trust that my secrets will be kept safe. Where I can’t be hurt. A place where I can let go all the stress I had in my day. Home is peaceful when I lie in my bed waiting to go to sleep. Home is where we discuss what we want to do for the rest of the evening. Home is quiet either because my sister is out, and it is me and an adult or my sister is up in her room. Home is laughter when someone tells a funny joke at dinner. There are many more but those are just a couple of things that home means to me.