Grade 5



Home is warm. When I am with my auntie, my dad, my sister and my brother I feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. They make me smile and giggle which warms my soul. My silly dog Sally sniffs me when I walk in the door and makes me feel loved. My warm room is my hide away plays where I draw to calm my mind. My home is my warm and cozy place.

Home is my safe zone. I feel safe and I am sounded by family. My dog Sally makes me feel safe by being a guard dog. I feel safe because I am protected from the cold winter. Home is my safe zone.

Home is FAMILY. Home is where I feel loved because I am sounded by FAMILY. I share dinners with my family at home and we laugh and play all the time. We play board games and my favourite is Kurplunk! I love to cuddle with my family on our cozy coach. Family is home.

Home is warm. Home is safe. Home is FAMILY!