Grade 5

Medicine Hat


What does home mean to me? Well, home is definitely a different effect than not having a home. It would definitely be different if you didn’t have a place to go to after school or work. I know for one that home is comfort. When I think of a home to go to I will definitely first think about comfort. I also think of a place where you can go and share your feelings and heal your wounds a place to heal. It could also mean to have security and to feel safe. But when you don’t own a home you definitely don’t feel as safe. I have never experienced the lost privilege of having a home. But I know that some people have to survive on the streets and through different seasons it is tough. Seeing people on the streets reminds me of how grateful the people who own a house, apartment, condo, or whatever they own should be. Sure there are those other effects like a bed to lay on and fresh food to eat. Well to me that is something I would ask for but, if I was Homeless but I would ask for all the rest of the stuff mentioned. Like a safe secure place, a place to heal, a place to feel comforted, a place to feel the warmness in your heart, and finally a place to make memories.