Grade 5



Home. Some call house as their home. Some call apartments as their home. Some call Canada as their home. People have various definitions of home.
Home is a place where we relax, unwind, feel secure and protected. I am blessed to have a home where I can live happily with my family and enjoy.

Unfortunately, there are thousands of Canadians who don’t have affordable homes. Recently, the Mayor of the City of Toronto expressed grave concerns about growing problems in relation to affordable housing. Thousands of Torontonians live in shelter homes that are full and many live on the streets. In downtown Toronto, a lot of building projects are for luxury condos. As a concerned citizen, we need affordable housings and rental apartments to accommodate low income and poor families.

Canada’s foundation was built on immigration, whereby immigrants from various parts of the world migrated and call Canada as their home. Canada is a great country that provides equal opportunities. Keeping this vision in mind we can provide equal housing opportunities for everyone. In Norway, homes are constructed equally, they all look the same and people feel equally empowered.

Recently, Canada was rated as one of the top most liveable countries in the world. The standard of living is very high in Canada. Let us all continue to lead and make Canada the best country to live, work, study, travel and that provides environmentally friendly and affordable homes. Together we can all call Canada our home.

Home is an important place for me,
Home is a perfect place for me,
Home is a place where I like to be.

Home is where I live and belong.
Home is a place to be for long.

Home is a place where I relax and have fun,
Home is where I can walk and run.

Home is a place where I don’t feel stressed.
Home is where I feel joyous and blessed.