Grade 6

Mount Pearl
Newfoundland and Labrador


Home is a place where you can go and be loved. Home is where your family makes a meal and you eat it together. Home is a place that on the outside looks like a house but on the inside feels like a home. It feels like a home because all the people and things that are important to you are there. Home is where you share stuff with your family and friends. It’s a place where you hang pictures of your family and friends for everyone to see. Some of the things that make my house feel like a home are pictures of me and my family up around the house. When I am home I can hear music sometimes in the mornings and when I play piano or my brother plays guitar. Sometimes when my mom makes cookies I can smell them in the oven and they smell so good. In my opinion a home is a place where I can go and feel safe and loved. What makes a house a home is not all the electronics, nor all the furniture, it’s all the people you’re with and all the sentimental things you have in there that are special to you.

H is for holidays. I send the holidays with my family.
O is for one of a kind. Your house is one of a kind.
M is for memories. You make a lot of memories in you house with your family and friends.
E is for everyone. Everyone in your house that are important to you.
This is what makes my house a home.