Grade 6

Winnipeg MB


Home and house have two different meanings. Home is where you can make memories, and a house is just a structure that is built. A house is empty, and a home has positivity, no matter what room you’re in. In a house, you are alone, but in a home, you have love. A house is where you stay for a little while and you feel insecure, but a home is where you belong and feel secure.
Home is where there is family that keeps me safe, helps me when I’m hurt or sad, and helps me to be brave. A home is where there is water and food to keep me healthy. It is where I have a shower for hygiene, many clothes to clothe me, and blankets, family and pets to keep me warm and cozy. A home is where there is a roof over my head that keeps away the storms, and a family that is understanding and helps me to not be afraid during storms, or other bad weather.
Home. There are picture frames to remind me of those who love me, and loving people to help me to breath when I’m having a bad time. There is a comfortable room, furniture, music, and bonding. There is joy, love, new and old memories every day, hope, kindness, positivity, gratitude, and generosity. It’s where I feel like I belong. There is laughter, a connection, and the Lord that helps me through things, like what I’m going through this year and last year.
A home is where I can be myself and do things I love. It’s where there are games and work to keep me busy. It’s where I can FaceTime people on my phone in private.
At home, I can be anyone, or anything.