Grade 6



Home is my safe place, I hope it’s yours too. To me a home is a place that you should feel comfortable, loved, and with the people you love, and most of all its where you should feel safe. In my home we have two living rooms, two offices, three closets, two workout rooms, one dog room, one laundry room, and a shed which is in the back.
In my home i have a dog named Storm. He’s a husky. Usually huskies are proper and have specific jobs they are trained to do, but not this dude. He is way to cuddly and all he does is beg for love and treats, of course we do it because we’re suckers. He’s really funny with the snow, he finds the snow really cold, yet he still dives in nose first into the snow.
I find my family amazing: It has my Mom, my Dad, and my little dude Storm. I don’t just love them because they work to put a roof over my head, they give me a bed to sleep on, they give me food, and that they give me a nice place to live in. That’s not all they do for me. They love me , make me feel safe, make me feel like I can do anything, and support me in all my activities. The best part is that my Dad is a really handy guy; he taught me how to build a lot. Most recently we put a barn door on my room and painted the front living room. I find home my happy place. In conclusion home is my safe place, i hope it’s yours too.