Grade 6

Middle Sackville
Nova Scotia


Home is a way of a headquarters, after a long day that’s the place you stay for the night, it’s the place your family is at after their lengthy day of work or school. It’s the place you can go if you’re down or ill, the place to rest to get better. It’s the place to have friends over or to get together with those close to you. Home is the place where your pets are. It’s the place where you can do what you want by yourself or with others. Home is the place all your things as valuable as gold are. The place where all your favourite meals are made to eat with family and relatives. That spot where all your favourite memories are made and talked about. The place where all the fun is to be had and cherished. Home is the place where you live, laugh and love.
Home isn’t just a house to be owned, it’s full of memories and happiness, it’s the place to make the time of your life happen.