Grade 5

Medicine Hat


Home if you don’t have a home you will become homeless,
So you will have to live on the streets, and that wont be good and I like having a home, and if I lose my house i’ll be sad and i would ask to live with my cousins, until we get a new house and when i do then my family would be happy,
I just want to help the people that don’t have homes people deserve homes, because it’s not fair that people can’t pay off their taxes, they just don’t have enough money and they should have more time until they get evicted from their house. And I want too, raise money on habitat too help the homeless people, and the people that have to spend their time doing nothing, and just digging through garbage and, sitting in alley ways and asking for money so i am helping
In habitat so i’m going to write a lot of stories and just help,
So I want everybody to have a home and just have a home
So I want everybody to have a home, and stop digging through garbage and stop begging for money so stop habitat its an important website and everybody,should be in it if everybody was in it than they would have millions of. dollars for habitat and they could build about 3 houses for 3 special people and some people don’t even have home’s, they could of been kicked out of there house, when they were 12 years old and they cant make, money they can’t just go in an apartment and live there they have, to walk so far just to see their friends or family but, some time people don’t have family their family could have died in a car crash and he or she’s the only one that survived, and they would have no one to talk and ask people for money and if you see a homeless person do the right thing give, them some money and maybe some food and something to drink and that’s why i want to help habitat, so right as many stories as you can help habitat and do the right thing and don’t forget support habitat and help the homeless, people and don’t leave homeless people just sitting there help them when its cold help them when it’s hot buy them a sweater buy them a winter coat and help, them help everybody make them happy support habitat and make someone’s day and bye and see you.

The end