Grade 5



To me home means, to be in a peaceful, calming and respectful Home. Home is a warm, comfy place that you live in. The word home means something special. Home is where you should feel safe and secure. Home is where you learn to have self control. Home is where you can feel the beat. Home means to catch your dreams. Home is where I can stay when dangerous situations happen. Home is a place that you should love. Home is the place where you’re respectful. Home is a place where you can have some time to yourself. Home is music. Home is friendly. Home is where I learn to follow my dreams. Home is a place that you don’t hide under your shadow. Home is a happy place. Home is a place to talk to yourself when emotions are strong. Home is magic, like when you look at the bright blue sky.
Home is listening to nature. Home is forgiving each other when problems attempt to come between us. Home is loving and caring for each other. Home is building up friendships with friends. Home is a place where you play with your teammates and pets.