Grade 5



Home is a place where you have joy and happiness.

You may not have a home but you always have a home in your heart.

Home means a lot, you have always someone that cares for you like your family

Home is about the people that care for you and that puts a roof over your head.

Home is a special place where dreams come true.

Home is a place to you matters and where you feel loved and grateful.

Home is a place where you know you’re safe.

Home can be a place where you feel amazing and thankful.

Home isn’t too big or small, and anyone can fit inside.

Home is where old friends reunite and come together.

Home is the place where you start your journey.

Home is a place that you make memories.

Home is a place where you don’t have to be perfect.

Home is where your adventure starts.

Home makes you smile.

Home is where you remember.

Home is where you are loved.

That’s what home means to me…