Grade 5

Duncan BC
British Columbia


Home means a safe place.
When you fall, you have people surrounding you. Wondering if you okay,
help you get up, and make you feel tough.

Home means a place where you can do whatever you feel,
Show whatever you feel, and tell whatever you feel.
To me, my home makes me feel safe.

I’ll never really now how lucky I am to have a home filled
with family and people that love me and I love too.
I’ll never try to EVER take that for granted.

Home is where you Grow, Love, Laugh, Learn, Play,
have Fun, And make the best memories.

Home is where you should feel strong.
To have the power to support, love and care.
Everyone wants a superpower,
Like to fly or Teleport anywhere,
Invisibility, Super speed,
But the only superpower I want,
Is to have the best family and a caring heart.

I love my home, everything and everyone in,
and around it. When we have little arguments,
No matter how bad, the people who truly love you,
Are the people who stick around,
The people who trust you,
and the people that can wake up in the morning,
and everything will move on. The past is in the past.
That is what Home means to me.