Grade 6

Nova Scotia


Home is your flower starts out as a bud
you have time to make memories like a bear and it’s hub,
You see pictures on your wall like a memory of your family
If you stay happy then your flower will grow that could be a daisy or could be a rose,
When you walk in the kitchen you could smell homemade soup and you bet it would taste so so good
and then your flower will grow as tall as a tree
Cause home is your flower that never gets old,
Your family is there by your side the whole way cause
You are family and you stay by each other the whole way
Siblings yelling in your ear
Your pushing them away saying “go away”
So you hear your sibling stomp away
Flowers will grow like Family
Fun will increase like home
Home is Family,Flowers and Fun
They will keep growing till the end of time.