Grade 5

La Salle


HOME is a place where I am FREE, a place were I am WELCOME, a place were I am SAFE.
I am so glad I have a place where I can RELAX, ENJOY and feel at HOME. HOME is a place that is SAFE from the rain, snow and other dangers. A HOME to me is a place that is COMFORTING, a place when you walk in the door and feel GREAT, WELCOMING, AND HAPPY. HOME is where you do FUN things with your FAMILY.
A HOME is different to every one, for me it’s a place where I am FREE and feel at HOME. When I think of a FAMILY without a HOME, I feel sad and sometimes cry.
Maybe this essay just mite give a FAMILY a HOME maybe just maybe. Because I think every one should have a HOME.
A HOME is COMFORTING, SPECIAL, a place to feel SPECIAL and FREE, at least that is a HOME to me!