Grade 4

Upper Gagetown
New Brunswick


My home is important so I am going to right about it but first I want to talk about some things about home. My safety my family and my friends I’m going to talk about those three things today. Now lets get started.

My friends are the first thing I am going to talk about so friends feel like family to me so that’s why I like having friends. Friends can also play with you when you’re bored and being bored is not that fun not fun at all.

My family is also my friends. My friends are family to me so I feel safe. Family is important so important. Family is where your loved ones like mom ,dad, brothers and sisters. People are important. My family feels more than that it feels like… Home.

My safety is more important than friends and family. Safety is when you don’t get hurt. Don’t get scared. Being scared is bad you can hurt your self. Safety is also when you don’t be far away from your loved ones. Be safe out there.

My safety. My family and my friends. They mean so much to me and my safety. My friends and my family is what makes me me. Family friends safety is home even though it makes me me I still love my home. Home is friends family and safety. That’s why I love my home.