Grade 6

Prince Edward Island



Home is a place where my family can roam,
but it’s not just cardboard walls and a little bit of foam, It holds my bed, my family and me, you see.

It doesn’t have jewels or gold, but it definitely keeps out the horrid cold.

My home isn’t a place that’s just here, it’s here for us every single year.

When people walk by our cave of love, it’s almost as if they hear happiness from above, it’s very plain to you maybe, but it’s been mine since I was a baby.

Home isn’t just a house and walls, but it’s not about the pictures in the halls.
It’s about the stuff that was given, it’s about the life inside the house as if it really is living!

Home is a place where my family can roam,
Our love for our house is almost like bubbly foam.
It never goes away, not any day.