Grade 4



Home to me is a place where you feel safe
A place where you feel comfortable
A place where family, friends and even strangers can come together
And Share kindness

A home is where nobody is left out and all people
Are included in all family traditions
Home is where people treat others the way they treat close people.
In a home there are no favourites, we are all equally the same

A home is where you are free.
You share your emotions and not feel embarrassed
Everybody understands you and doesn’t think your silly
You’ll always get in a fight when your at home, you’re not always going to agree but
a home gives you that smile and positivity you need to stay strong

When you’re in your home nobody compares
We know that we’re all loved by god
we are each special and unique in our own way.

At home
You can be whoever you want to be as long as you are yourself
Home is where everybody loves each other so much its like your
Love is surrounding the house, like there’s no getting out of the feeling of love
When you’re in a home you know there isn’t a second when people don’t love because a home is where people share their emotions.