Grade 6



What home means to me…
I think I know.
It’s more than a place to protect
From the rain and the snow.
Home is a place where I feel safe.
A place I can learn in.
With people I love,
My family, my kin.
Home is a place where I feel welcome,
A place where I can be free.
A place where people accept and love me,
Just for being me.
Home is a place where I have no secrets,
Where I can be open and care.
Home is a place I don’t want to leave,
I truly want to be there.
Home is where I need only one thing,
I don’t need respect, and I don’t want help.
In my true home, for many years,
All I need is to be myself.
From the place I live, to the place I roam,
They give me the feeling, I am finally home.