Grade 5




Home means everything to us.
Some people don’t have homes so be thankful to god that he gave us a home.
Home is the only place you can snuggle and sleep.
When you try to sleep outside you won’t be comfortable.
Home is where you eat and meet your mom and dad after School.
At home you can play hide and seek
At home you can invite your friends and have a dance party.
Home is the best place you can be.

At home your memories are everywhere.Some people were born in there house.
At home your dog, sisters and brothers are waiting for you.

Home is where your cousins come over and play with you and hang around.

Home is where you celebrate your birthday sometimes.
Where do you sleep when you are outside?

Home is where you pack your lunch and go to school in the morning.
Home is where you talk about your feeling to your mom and dad.