Grade 6

Nova Scotia


Home is where my heart lives.
from my first meal, from my first
night, to running down the halls,
and many more.

Home is where anybody can be themselves,
angry, sad, joyful, scared, and shutting out the darkness.
And so many more.

So really if you have a home it’s like a
human body.

The frame, the skeleton
Siding, the skin
Ventilation, the lungs
Electricity, the brain
Plumbing, the blood

But the heart and the brain is very special to
mostly everyone.

The heart is where the house is full of the warmth, it really
how the body breaths, and move, but it all so pushes all
the body all around the body.

The brain is the thing that’s full of the wonderful memories.
It tells you what to say to the people you love.
It tells you if you hurt.
and so many more

For me i don’t just see four walls and a few beds and tv’s
and the bathroom. It way more, memories, warmth, and smiles
just imagine you in the streets no food, no bed, and no warmth.

So that’s why i think everyone should have a home like me.
To sleep in, to laugh, get hurt, and get loved or love someone.