Grade 4



My house is very very cozy and safe and quiet .

My house to me is cozy because we always have a fire going , my dad chops the wood and my sister and I bring it in and put it in the woodbox.

Home to me is safe because it is secure and I have a good dog ,he sleeps with me every night on the end of my bed.

My house to me is quiet because we like to read and draw . We have a box full of colours and we have all sorts of colouring books . We also have all sorts of books we have a whole wall full of books.

Home to me is also very fun because we have family night every Friday and me and my sister take turns picking a game or movie .My house is also really fun because we always play outside ,like we go tobogganing or a walk.

My house is important to me because some people don’t have homes ,so I think im lucky to have a home .