Grade 5



Home is where I’m safe and where I can watch all of my movies. It is also a place where I am comfortable and relaxed . home is where I have home cooked meals and popcorn. My home is where I have all of my pets and where my family live. Home is where I have parties and also celebrate Christmas and birthdays and all of the holidays.

I do all of my chores and clean. Home is where I bake and where my brother and sister pig out on my baking! Home is where I have showers and stay clean and have baths. It is where memories and mistakes happen. Home is where my stuff is and my bed. Also is where my mom’s famous chicken alfredo is and cookies.

Home is where I you have fun and play. It is where your clothes are and blankets.This place is where my pets are and animals .Home is where you have jokes and laugh.Also is where I enjoy stuff and where I sled and play in the snow and kwad and jump on the chramapling and plow bubbles and play outside.

A home is different from a house because a house is a building what other people live in and play in and do all of the stuff what I just wrote but a home is a place where you do all of that stuff and do a lot more like play with you brother and sister and mom and dad all of your family members from the littlest to biggest I love my home so much!!A house is different then a home by a long shot.