Grade 4



The most welcoming feeling of all
Coming home after a long day at work
On a winter night or a day of fall.
Where family members all come together .

Friends and family welcomed by the mat beneath their feet.
Laughter and joy is being brought by this structure I call home.
Where birthdays are celebrated ,
Where friends and family meet
Happiness spreads all through the house .

Home is a magical place
A place where dreams are made
And family reunites.
Love blossoms and grows
In this place.
Home is where you said your first word
Or had your first birthday
HOME is a special place.

Through Laughing,Through Crying your home was there.
I couldn’t imagine a life without a home.
There is really no place like home,
With nothing to do,
with nothing to wear
No home would be a nightmare .
I’m so thankful I have a home
And my home means everything to me
Because home is my family.