Grade 6




A place that I call home. Warm and loving with forgiveness and forgets, nice warm trips to the beach, crowded but in a good way.Funny stories that are awesome, memories that will always be there,stories that will be told through generations.

I always love it, if I were sad my family would make me laugh. If i were mad they would act out how i would look and make me laugh and laughand laugh. If i were sick they would turn the tv on in the living room and play my favourite show (full/fuller house) to get me out of bed and happy again. My family is the best part of my home.

A home is always special, a good place to stay, a safe place. A place you can be yourself for nobody to judge you, a place to relax or have fun. A home can be fancy or casual, decorated or not, a home is a home. A home is comfortable,warm and soothing, exciting everyday.

My home is calm with my mom, sister and brother as well as pets, always soft and warm with love and care, cool or warm. We go on lots of family roadtrips that bring us closer together. I love my home and it is awesome.

Sometimes we have big game nights, take out a board game or cards and sit around the table having fun and laughing . Movie nights as well, my dad used to make stories while scrolling through movies on Netflix (not sponsored) and they would be so funny before my parents split up.

My home is loved very well and is always pretty cool. It’s the best thing in the world and I would never want to change it. I can’t wait to start a new chapter in my life to begin with James and Shelley.

Now this is what home means to me. Donate to Habitat for Humanity today!