Grade 6



Home is family
A place to escape reality
A place where you can relax, your only entertainment your thoughts
Home is where you sleep and eat
And a place to stay warm
Home is having fun, making friendship
And a place to live your life

But not far away, a person is sleeping on the side of the road
Using a rock or a log for a pillow
Finding food, or water
Every day a person is sitting down on the streets, begging for money
Whenever it rains, they can’t go anywhere but under a tree
Or maybe the safety of a roof

Why do people live like this?
Homeless, Jobless.
Can their lives be changed?
How can they survive out there for days? Months? Years?
Can you imagine living like that?
No food, water, shelter, money, job, family

We change this by building homes
Small homes, safe homes
Homes with electricity, and running water
Homes with comfy beds and couches
A bathroom with clean water
And a kitchen to cook and eat good food

These homes change lives
Open hearts
Bring happiness
And change the world