Grade 4

St. John's
Newfoundland and Labrador


For me home means a place I can be myself, it also means I have a comfortable place to stay. Home is only a home when there is love. Your home can’t be a home without family. It has holiday spirit. Always keep your traditions in it forever. A home is not just a place, it’s a place you can relax and no one can judge you for being you. You’re not alone in a home because you have love. A home is warm not cold.You can see your friends. Your room can be how you want it, it can be your design. It has so much love. When you open the door you get a warm feeling. You feel nice in your home, it’s like you’re comfortable. When other people open the door they get a warm feeling too. It’s nice to know you have a place to be yourself. The most important thing in my home is family, I hope that is the same for you. You can play and be yourself, totally yourself. It’s always warm and cozy. If you have pets they like it too. The inside can be your design not someone else’s. In your home your friends get a warm and cozy feeling too. Homes are warm and bright but houses are cold and dark sometimes. In homes your family and friends laugh and sing. The sun shines in your backyard. You can just feel the love in the air. I can’t believe how fun it is to have a home. I used to live somewhere else but it did not feel like home. Me and my best friend had our first sleepover in my home. Your neighbors help you and you help your neighbors, you will be friends.