Grade 6



HOME can mean many different things to many

different people. Home can mean a safe place to sleep

but it can also be your country, town, state, province or

city. Home to me is sometimes a public place like the

library or a special spot at the park. It can be

someplace fictional like Hogwarts and Narnia or just

the Windclan camp. Home is where magic is born,

both types, saying a bunch of silly words and waving a

magic wand and also the kind where magic is the

touch of a loved one or the sound of the leaves under

foot on a crisp autumn day. It’s the place you make

memories and feel loved. Where you do things with

your family where you have dinner together, and where

you feel safe. It doesn’t have to be the house you live

in, it can be your friend’s house or a loved one’s house.

For example, my home is my grandmother’s house

where some of my animals are kept and cared for (1

bird and 2 guinea pigs). What I’m trying to say is that

the word “home” can mean many different things and

even if you don’t have a house you can always have a