Grade 4



To me, home is not just a house. To me it’s a place that I feel safe. It’s not just my house, it’s more. In fact, it’s way more. To me, my home is my neighbourhood. If you come to think of it, you probably know all of the kids and parents in your neighbourhood (or just the people who live really near you). You would probably feel more safe and comfortable in your neighbourhood than somewhere totally unknown where you don’t know where you are at all. If you were in your neighbourhood out of the house you would be able to play and talk with the kids that are there. To me home means making better friendships, and snuggling with your biggest, fluffiest stuffed toy. Home is also a place to keep secrets and talk about your fears with your sibling and then face them. To me home means many different things. Obviously, its safe because you know that place but also other things deep down inside you.
As I said, to me home is not a physical thing or object, it’s what comforts you the most. You can call it a lab where you get new ideas. Your most beautiful moments usually happen at home. Not necessarily a house, but home.
-Daniel Poulsen