Grade 6



By: Sophia Mechelse

Home is so much more than the house I live in. It is my family, it is my safe shelter, and it is where love and comfort are. Home is always in the place where I am growing up and where my heart is. A home has its own pulse; sometimes really fast sometimes kind of slow, but normally just right. . Home means laughter all around, and sometimes tears. Home definitely means family to me. Family helps me in everything. They complete my home for sure. Home is where I am forgiven of the mistakes I make. Whether it is something I say or do I am always forgiven at my home. In scary times, in times of trouble, home is a safe place. Home is where” I make lemonade” using all the lemons, even the small ones. Home is where all the memories are. Home is comfort; it is where you feel warm, happy, and where things are familiar. It is where smells and sounds are all mine and my families.
Home is a shelter, to not only keep me warm and dry but to protect me. I always feel like I belong in my home. Home is simply perfect in a very imperfect way. Home is my perfect. It might not always be clean or finished, but it is so beautiful in its own way. Home is where I can be me, and rock it. Where I can be weird and not be ashamed or embarrassed. In my case, I know that home is where I could talk to myself, my imaginary friends and could pretend my Barbies are people and no one would judge me. As Laura Ingalls once said ‘Home is the nicest word there is.’