Grade 6




Home is where I can be myself.
I can just take a book off the shelf.
Home is where we are free.
What would you do without it?

Home is where I can cuddle.
Where we gather all together.
Where we laugh as a group.
Where we LOVE each other.

At home I feel safe.
I’m able to say and feel how I want.
At home, I can’t get bullied.
At home life is perfect.

At home, I am cared for.
I am warm.
I can talk to someone.
I can be comforted.

Home is FAMILY.
I can appreciate my siblings.
My parents will always be there for me.
No. Matter. What.

Now we must all think.
Are we taking home for granted?
Are we thinking of others?
Let’s give to those who are less fortunate.