Grade 6

British Columbia


Home,the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household.

But,is it really just a place where someone lives?
NO! A home is EVERYTHING!!

Your home is your safe,favorite,warming,calming,and cozy home.Home is whee you can spend your heartbreaks and happy times! A home where you are not afraid to show your real emotions or feelings.

A home does not need to be a building. it can be a place, a park or another building. it can also be an object! For an example, a stuffy,your bed,or a book. It can also be a place in your house. Your kitchen,bathroom,bedroom,or your backyard!

A house and a home are completely different.
A house is a building with furniture ,and rooms.
A home is any place you love and care for.

Homes can be pretty or ugly,as long as you love it.

A home is a privilege that you earn for….