Grade 4



Home… a home means to me
A place where I fit in,
A place where it is bully free,
A place where I feel safe,
And a place where there are no monsters under the beds,
A place where I can show my feelings,
A place where friends and family celebrate,
A place where traditions are accomplished,
And a place where as soon as you walk in love is overflowing.
Home is a place where you can watch scary movies,
A place where there is a roof over your head,
A place where you have a comfy bed to sleep in,
And place where you can store food, toys and more.
I feel happy, comfortable and amazing at home.
A home… when somebody asks another person “ What does a home mean to you?” they would say “ A place where I live.” But I am different. My home is part of my memories and my home is a place where you can go to be safe, to be happy, and to be ME!
A home is where I can see my friends calling me to play with them,
And where you can show your spirit,
And when you wake up you will always have a smile on your face!