Grade 6



What is home?

Home is ……

Your most prized possession

What makes you happy

Where looks don’t matter

…can be a person you bring with you

Somewhere to unleash your kid, monster or baby

The smell of freshly baked cookies

Where you are loved and hugged even if your cold is contagious

Where your secrets are safe

Where your just longs to be

A home is where your interests and loved ones can live in harmony

A safe haven from the loudest,scariest thunder and coldest snowstorms

Where your day starts and ends

Where your best memories stay

Where even if you feel deserted by the whole world it welcomes and loves you

Where your true family is

A home always has a spot in your heart

Your beloved home has your favorite toy and your video games

When you see your home a smile is on your face and nothing can compare to this feeling, you wish this for every little boy and girl in the world

A safe warm home