Grade 6




Home is a place where I feel safe, it’s not like running away from a black hole of anxiety, fear, depression.

Home is sweet, somewhere where you fit in, somewhere where you have people that cherish you surrounding you every day.

Where you feel secure, comfortable, and seeing things, things that you love. And a place where you can express yourself.

Home smells fresh, like tons of beautiful flowers around you, or like freshly baked cookies just taken out of the oven.

Home helps you find your own self and it helps you see how amazing, unique, and one of a kind you are.

Home feels like warmth, like you are sitting beside a fire place all cuddles up with warm hot chocolate in your hands.

Home helps you make memories either good or bad. Home isn’t perfect, you might be crying to tears, or you might be laughing or smiling with a friend. Home is different for other people.

But it’s hard, seeing other people who have no home. But home doesn’t physically have to be a house. Home is happiness inside you. And by helping build communities warms my heart because you know they finally found a place called ´´home´´ while happiness, joy and amazing spirits come through them

But where ever you go or how far you’ll go, home will always be there.