Grade 4



Home is a place where I have been since I was born.
I am loved a lot at home.
Home is where I learn what talents I have.
My happy place is my home.
Home is where I can feel safe from the harsh weather, whether it be snow, hail or sleet.
I can do a lot of things at home.
I was raised in my home and home is whereis, where I can play, where I have friends and family, home is a place I love.
Home is where I sleep, play games, pray to god, do my homework and spend time with my family.
Home is where I learn things about my culture, different places and a bunch of other things.
Home is where I can do peculiar things like talking with bugs.
I met three turtles and a tortoise at home, not inside but on my lawn.
I conquer my fears at home.
I plant plants at home or in my backyard. I love my home a lot. Home is a great place for me to be. Winning would make my day. Maybe someone can get a home that they can love too. – Humam Gazi