Grade 6



Home. When people think of the word home they think of a house or a building they live. For some people like me, it’s a place or a person, even an object that you fell safe in or safe with. When you’re home you feel this bursting of emotions no human can explain. It’s as if you know you’re meant to be there, you feel it in your bones, in your body. It feels like a dream. When you’re home you know it. For me, my home is where my family is, I live in Manitoba and if ever I was to move , my home would still be with me, even though part of it I would need to leave( friends ) I’ll always be happy to be home. When I get home my heart beats about 50 times faster, because of the rush of energy, adrenaline and the relief to finally be out of school and relax in the place I love the most. If your life was a body, your home would be you’re beating heart. You’d be the blood travelling through it, heading home to the heart, the place you refresh yourself for the next day. That being said, I don’t think ANYBODY in the world can live without a home and that’s why everyone deserves to have a loving, welcoming, comfortable and accepting…