Grade 5




Home is a pride, somewhere comfy with its own unique style only you recognize. A safe place to be while so many are in danger. Everyone has a home actually, they just don’t know it. Home isn’t always your address or family household, it’s a place where you feel safe, adjustable, peaceful and calm. Where dreams and happiness overcome fear and reality. Where thoughts wander free and minds alike can think in peace. A familiar place that will never wash away from your memory.

Canadian citizens shouting with glee,
for living in such a country, so bold and free.
But home can be anywhere no matter the price,
having a home is so lucky and nice!

Home isn’t just a place to live in,
It’s like heaven, almost free from sin.
Where friends and family reunite,
Enlightened faces, what a sight!

Home is where I am loved,
A bond between family never to be broken.
Home is where love, can never be taken.

A luxurious city is calling my name.
Not even there, and feeling shame!
Homesickness overrules me
Even in first class seats,
Nothing could defeat,
The roof I live beneath

Tall, towers, stones of white
Two-story buildings, red bricks alike.
Longhouses, teepees, wigwams roam,
While many others don’t, this is what I call home.