Grade 5

Red Deer


I am an only child of loving parents. Ever since I was a baby I was able to get not only what I need but also what I “want.” I never realise that life can be different for others, then I went to Pakistan (which is not a developed country) with my mom to visit my grandparents,when we were there one day we went for shopping I was standing in front of a toy shop holding an expensive toy in my hand while my mom was still in there.
I saw a boy about my age holding coloring books and coloring pencils in one hand and in the other hand he was holding sweets, he was selling them, when he saw me standing there he came to me and asked me if I want to buy something from him, I was looking at him surprisingly……
I asked him aren’t you supposed to be at school this time? He looked at me and smiled then asked me “school”? then he said you know what I live in a tent, I have three young siblings, me and my dad work very hard to get money, we do not have proper clothes to wear in the rainy, windy winters and when it gets hot we do not have a thing that called “fan”, and that toy shop you are standing in front at, I can not even look at it because I do not have enough money to buy good food, sometimes me and my family go to bed hungry.
When I heard his story the tears came out of my eyes and I thought two boys same age and I’m the blessed one. I gave him 30 dollars to help him. That day I came to know the real meaning of “HOME.” Home where I can get good clothes, good food, lots of toys and proper big house with lots of rooms and loving parents who are always ready to give me whatever I want.
After that boy’s story I never go unthankful. I love my home sweet home. Where my parents made me a prince. Like it’s been said
“There is no home like the one you got, because it belongs to you”.