Grade 6



At home, I feel warm,
And never sore.
I can express my feelings,
And others can, too.
A place to keep memories for
a century.
I love to play,
And I play with them everyday.
At home,
I never feel alone.
Sometimes, I don’t like my parents very much,
But, they give me a lot of luck.
I live at home permanently,
And I love it so much, fortunately.
I love staying every night with my family,
Because they are lovely.
My family is good at sports,
And they love me and give me great support.
Home is where I sleep and where everyone leaps.
My home is what keeps me alive
My room is clean because of me.
In my home, everyone does their thing.
I want my family to keep humble,
May I ask you a question,
What is the meaning of home?