Grade 6




Home, what is it? Is it a house an apartment, or your favorite place to be? It can be anything, anywhere! Home to me is a place where you are loved by people who love you. Home makes you feel good about yourself, where you can be yourself, wacky, weird, loud, quiet. You feel secure not scared but comfortable and warm.

You won’t starve or feel lonely, you’ll be overwhelmed in a good way, by how much love you are surrounded by. You start your emotions for the day, whether its happy, sad, annoyed, mad, but in the end, you go back to happy. Whenever you feel you don’t belong, home is where to go. Painting, writing, playing, relaxing, all you love to do is at home.

Home is where you want to go the most after school, a vacation, or after completing a long grocery list. Its where you are sheltered by the wind, rain, negative thoughts and bad days and coldness Canada brings. Home to me is where the positive thoughts start, and the negative thoughts go away.