Grade 4



Everyone I think of has a home but only 12.5% has a safe, decent, affordable home.
But for me that’s not right, because it’s not what a home is. Also people don’t deserve that. So here’s my lovable and precious home.

Joy! joy is the happiness of the earth. Joy fills my home with my family. It
made my little sister funny, so funny she makes me laugh so loud! It also made my older sister (Emma) so playful that she just comes out of the blue and says, “Wallace do you want to play legos”? Also my two brothers were just cool and we had fun times.

Also the thing is, family to me is everything. Because I’m thankful that my Dad makes macaroni-and-cheese smothered with a plateful of them, just for me. When we pray I could think about the good times. When Emma helps me with problems. Also with my mom doing Christmas. When I come home I can smell all the fresh food.