Grade 5

Kakabeka Falls


Home is a great place. It is also where you can fall asleep fast. Home is where you can spend time with family and others. It is where you can be warm and feel safe from a thunder storm. In a home you can have the privacy you need. Home is everything. It is where you can have joy and feel happy and where you can play hide and seek and have fun with your family I know how it feel soured me and my family had a fire I was sleeping in tent outside with two of my older sister my dad and brother an my two other sister and my mom of course made I out a life for my two dogs sadly they died when it happened I thought I was in a bad dream but then my uncle had to tear it all down but people helped out my family did to 6-7 months later we have a place to call home. It feels nice to have a home but sometimes I sit down and think to myself and say in my head what if someone had a home but needs help but sometimes that is true people need help to keep their home but who help them it for Habitat for Humanity and thank you for that for help people who need help that make me happy that people care and that really mean something to them.