Grade 6



Seventeen point eight percent of Canadian renter’s pay more than half their salary on rent. Which can lead to them having to make some very hard decisions. Some may include, rent or food, rent or day care, rent or heat?

When I go home I know I’m home because I can smell all the things that make my home, home. Like the laundry soap washing off my past days. I smell my mother’s perfume wandering the halls. But those aren’t the only things, I can smell my cats, my cats that have been sleeping all day but are now ready to play. I smell my family’s personalized cent (including my brothers basketball outfits) slowly but surely coming out of their flesh with every step they take, then coming together to make the perfect cent. Even if some of the smells aren’t so great, these are the things that make me feel at home.

Just like many other homes my home has holes, “scars’ ‘ as I like to call them. Not only pictures can hold memories. Every time I walk by one of these it takes me right back to the day it was put there. Most of them were made when my brother was mad and slammed the door back too hard. But for us it’s ok because now when we see the scars we get a good chuckle.

I feel very lucky when I’m at home. I feel safe, loved and many other things. When I’m in my room I feel like nothing bad could ever happen to me here. And I fly off to a whole different world. Some people can’t even feel safe in their neighborhood, isn’t that sad.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if every Canadian could have the opportunity to have that same amazing feeling that I get, but when they walk into their house.