Grade 6



Home can be wherever. As long as you feel secure and happy. It’s a home, home is important, home cannot be replaced, unless you’re delighted and safe. What if you did not have a home? It would feel bitter and blue. No one wants that, but some people have to live though that. Also that is terrible, people suffer with discomfort, disappointment, and being discredited from their longing for home. But thanks to habitat for humanity they can now have hope and an ambition for home! As soon as you’re snug and sitting pretty you just establish a fresh new harmonious home.

Now don’t get me wrong, a home truly comes from the sense not the house, but it could go transfer to a home quite effortlessly. Furthermore, with home you cannot force it, pressure or push, but what you can do is wait for it with pleasure and closure because it will come to everyone, even if you’re depressed and pained.

Many people question how big a home should be. Well the clear answer to that size does not matter. With home comes feelings of being contented, ecstatic, blessed, positive, satisfied, favorable, worthy,special, swank, sympathetic, refreshing and shining. So that’s it I’ve got to go it’s the end of recess and I don’t want to miss my test, after all it’s 50% of my grade. So have a gorgeous day.