Grade 6



Spending vacation somewhere else was okay. But, moving away from home for good to a land and country far away was mixed emotions for me. Where was I going to start from? New way of life, new responsibilities, new school, new weather to adjust to, new friends and new surroundings. Home where I spent most of life and memories in, now I have to start a new one. The old memories will never vanish away from me.
When the thought of home appears to my mind, I think of home as a place of laughter and joy. Where we can all spread the love from within. Home is a place we are all welcome to join, where I can lend a helping hand. I can place my head on a pillow and not worry. Where I’ve got peace like a river flowing blissfully. Where I feel free and alive, where I got talents and can share it with loved ones. When I am facing trouble all that I remember and think of is HOME! The nearest place to run to. Where problems are solved. Where I belong and loved most, the place where we share happiness and sadness, but mostly happiness. Also “HOME IS FAMILY”. Just as L. Frank Baum would say “THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME.” Ah that thought of home. “HOME SWEET HOME”.
I have started a new home here, I am ready for new adventures, made new friends and I have really adjusted to what I need to adjust to. I can now call Canada my HOME and I hope you also can.