Grade 5

British Columbia


Home is somewhere where you can feel safe. For me home is petting my cat in front of the fire or sleeping in my cozy bunkbed that my dad built. Home is something different for everyone. It really could be anything. Imagine not having a place to call home, not having that place of comfort, peace, calm and relaxation. All those different things might be home to you too. Imagine not having a warm bed to sleep in or maybe a warm fire to lay in front of.
I could not imagine not having all those calming relaxing moments. Imaging not being able to eat whenever you are hungry. All those things that make a big difference in your life, having a home is one thing that changes everything, and that one thing is not having a home.
If you give them a home, you change their life completely and forever. The real reason why they sometimes can’t get a job is because the employers don’t want them to work for them because they are homeless, and they think that they won’t do the job right. I don’t know the whole reason because if a homeless person asked to work for me, I would say yes, because they are just trying to get back up on their feet. Really, they just want to have a fresh start, a new beginning, another chance. Sometimes the reason why they do not try to start over is because they do not want to get rejected or badly treated for how they are dressed or how they look.
I hope you like my words about home, I really do love what Habitat for Humanity is doing and making a difference in people’s lives who need it most.