Grade 6



Did you know ⅛ of Canadians don’t have a place to live and by that I mean they don’t have a suitable place to live with running water.

Smells in my home

One of the big smells in my home is food. Because ever since my stepdad move in his meals when they are cooking they smell and taste so intricate and the same goes for my stepmother. Another big smell in my home is my cat the Reason being my cat is an outdoor indoor cat so when he goes side he always brings new smells in the house.


Between my moms and my dads we have five pets. Sam the 16 year old cat, Beau the one and a half year old kitten and are three horses Gus, Codiak and Eidgey. In home(s) they mean a lot. I have had two pets in my life die and sam is going to die soon as well. I don’t know what I’d do if I did not have pets in my life and they mean a lot to me.