Grade 6



I am here to talk to you about my dogs my family and last my house.1. my dogs I love watching tv with my dogs and movies . I love playing in the back yard with my dogs we play soccer “ .

Me and my dogs play in the basement all the time and we watch movies on the purjecter I like watching slap shot 12 3 . family we play sports all the time like from hockey in the basement to them watching me play on the ice and we play baseball in the back yard.

We go to the lake lots and we just got a new wake surfing boat and I go on it a lot I can all most let go of the rope my cusine is super good he can do a three sixty and finger wip that’s good. my dad Is not home that much in the summer but when he Is we do the stuff I told you about house it has a big back yard that me and my dad play catch in I went undafeetid last year I was the catcher. now back to the house it is all ways worm it has a mini stick rink in the basement it is pretty cool

Me and my friends play in it all the time I win most of the time.

In are house we have 6 bedrooms 3 bathroom 1 kitchin and 1 londrey room and that is my presentation any questions and have a nice rest of the day good and au revoir.