Grade 5



Home is were a new life begins. New life blossoms in a house that is yours. Memories will fill your head with joy! My loving family entered the house and knew that it needed some LOVE! Moving can be challenging but WE ALL CAN DO IT! Strengthen your body and move to happiness. Life is lugsereous in this home. My siblings are happy, my parents are happy. Friends come and say, “This house of yours, it’s you, it’s beauty is gorgeous. So unique so… YOU!”It was the house you have chosen, a home to stay. My auntie has created new memories in this beautiful SAFE home for my baby cousin. And we know that we can trust the warm comfortable place to keep our family safe. With the help of high technology, I will have a very safe place to live in. This summer, I am going on a vacation, to Calgary and to have fun with our family friends, then come back home to find a comfortable place for my family to rest in. I had an old house where my family and I had a lot of memories in. Fun fact,that house was where I had most of my memories. My old house is where we had parties, birthdays, and visitors,sick days,homework, and my awesome sleepover parties! And where my grandma came to visit! I spend my whole life in that house basically, but my siblings haven’t been doing very good in it. Let’s just say they weren’t clean! They used to draw on walls,and stained the carpets (with glue!)!They basically made the house explode! But I knew they were marking their territory!! A house to me means a new beginning, new people, new friends, new love! Cousins and nieces/nephews will come to you one day and make you feel overjoyed!! Home is life!