Grade 6



Home, a home is somewhere you feel safe, happy, free, confident, somewhere you feel like you can be yourself and no one will judge you, a place that is safe for the people you care for. Many people take their homes for granted, because most of us don’t know what its like to not have a home to go to when the days over, or to relax in front of the T.V. on the weekend.
Some people might have a house but don’t feel at home. A home is one of the most important things in life. Everyone needs a place they feel safe. A place they feel happy or loved. Everyone needs a home.
Your “home” doesn’t need to be your house. It could be a family members house, a friends house, a park, a camper. Anywhere you feel happy to go to after a long day. A place you feel secure and not alone.
A home is not just a destination, but a place in your heart. That’s what “home” means to me.
What does “home” mean to you?